Mother Tereco

01. Glow
02. Echo Love (feat. ico! from Far Farm)
03. 42 (feat. OBKR)
04. Tour d’ivoire
05. 24bit Oracle
06. Fall Dawn
07. Eine Langen Reise Ziel
08. Holotone
09. W/E (feat. Annie The Clumsy)
10. Saturday Night Calm Down (indoor Ver.)


Soundscapes Vol.1"


01. Part Ⅰ
02. Part Ⅱ
03. Part Ⅲ
04. Part Ⅳ

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"Alternative Soundscapes" series is a soundscape work created with the concept of melting and layering the boundaries between environmental sounds and electronic sounds.

The original work is a 60-minute soundscape. Which can be listened to carefully, or it can be integrated into your life.